Joods-Christelijke Dialoog



JJMJS: heel veel voor niets!     
Op tal van plaatsen in deze wereld bloeit de theologische dialoog tussen christenen en joden volop. Eén van de rijkste vruchten van die dialoog is het tijdschrift JJMJS over de Jezus beweging in zijn joodse context. De laatste aflevering (2018.5) gaat over Paulus en is een eerbetoon aan E.P. Sanders, de schrijver van Paul within Palestinian Judaïsm. Neem hier een gratis abonnement.

Hier volgt de begeleidende brief bij Aflevering 2018.5 van JJMJS van hoofdredacteur Anders Runesson.

Dear Reader,

As we publish the Fall 2018 issue of JJMJS on we have big news to share with you. Because both public and private research-funding organisations around the world increasingly require scholars to publish in open-access journals, it has become more important than ever for researchers to be selective about where they publish, and to prioritize top-quality peer-reviewed journals.

This development, of which we have likely only seen the beginning, is placing traditional publishers in a challenging position, as they depend upon generating revenue. Open-access is inherently difficult to combine with such a need.

JJMJS is strongly committed to remain open access. Moving forward, we, as any other open-access journals, must secure long-term economic stability without compromising academic quality. We are therefore very pleased to announce that, through a unique collaborative effort, JJMJS is now entering a multilateral partnership with Hebrew University of Jerusalem, DePaul University in Chicago, and the University of Oslo.

As we enter this new stage, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Eisenbrauns, with whom we have had the pleasure to work since the first issue of JJMJS was launched in 2014. Partnering now with Jerusalem, Chicago and Oslo will allow us to develop the journal further, while at the same time securing the highest academic standard for which JJMJS has become known.

The support of these three major, research-intensive universities is not only a vote of confidence for JJMJS. It also showcases the international scope of the journal, as we are now firmly anchored on three continents: North America, Europe, and Euro-Asia.

The current issue of JJMJS, the first in its new form, offers a Special Issue on Paul, which we have entitled Paul, Judaism, and the Jewish People. Contributors include: Margaret M. Mitchell, Matthew Thiessen, Paula Fredriksen, James Crossley, Neil Elliott, Adele Reinhartz, Matthew Novenson, and Gregory Tatum, with an introduction by the undersigned. The issue considers in particular the impact of the work of E.P. Sanders forty years after the publication of his magisterial Paul and Palestinian Judaism, but also includes discussion of the very latest research in Pauline Studies.

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On behalf of the Editorial Committee,

Anders Runesson